Get route information

You have a route (somewhere) but all you know about it is its ID. How do you get the information you need?

Get route

If you want to know the basic information about the route (which driver is assigned to it, which vehicles the route is using etc., you want to use Get Route. It requires a route ID as a query parameter and returns information about the route; which driver and vehicle are assigned, which waste fraction is collected, when the route is supposed to start etc.

Get stops on route

One thing you might notice that is not provided by the Get Route endpoint is a list of all the stops on the route. This is provided separately by another endpoint: Get Route Stops. As with Get Route all you need is a route ID, and you'll get a full list of all the stops on the route. Note that the stops are not in order. It is possible to see the position of the stop on the route by looking at the "stop_number" keyword.

Each stop shows if it is a container stop, ticket stop or a depot stop, as well as the information available about the container/ticket/depot.


The next thing we are going to need is the location of the stops. For this we have Get Route Geojson. This returns a list of GSP coordinates for all the stops on the chosen route.

What’s Next

We are now ready to start the route.