When something is wrong with the request that was sent, the API will respond with a 400 status code. Additionally, meaningful information will be provided in the response payload to point out why the error occurred and/or what caused it.

Errors may occur due to many (very different) reasons - faulty/wrong authentication (read more about the authentication), lack of required request elements (like a header or a body), wrong URL that the request is being sent to, missing/invalid data passed with the request, and many more...

All of the errors mentioned above could easily be eliminated, and the request payload will help you out with them and tell you what is either missing or wrong.

If the error with the status code of 500 occurs - it means that it happens on the server side. In this situation, the best thing to do is to contact your project admin and describe the error and what caused it to happen. Our team will take a look at the problem and provide a solution as soon as possible.